Where Are All The Classic Car Bargains? 

Is it still possible to buy a classic car for a bargain price? Now there’s a question… Many buyers will feel (and certainly have been assured) that the cars they have bought over the last few years are bargains when they look back on the prices they paid, but is it possible to unearth a genuine bargain in this market?

Well bought’ is a phrase that seems to have been mostly erased from the classic car vocabulary, and even those folk who always allegedly manage to buy cars cheap and sell them for top dollar, now seem to be comfortable sharing the elevated prices they pay. So what happened to all the cheap cars? Trolling eBay, the classifieds, auctions (remember the days when you went to the auctions for a bargain?) and even dealer showrooms used to produce results

Source and Read More: Edward Legge – Where Are All The Classic Car Bargains? | Goodwood Road & Racing

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