About Assorted Classics

I am one of those people who loves a particular classic car, until I see another one, and fall in love with that. Then my search begins, for information on it, which at times I  find quite difficult. So I decided it would be beneficial to me and other people like me, to have as much information on classic cars, in one site, with links to sites that specialise in specific models.

So I  am trying to get every (optimistic) classic car details listed. Each make will have their own group. Sub groups will be the models of that particular makers.

Each group has a forum, where I want to show, (example is of models, not manufacturer)

History, Costs to purchase, Costs of parts, Photos, What to look for before you purchase, Car Clubs for that model, Websites that deals only with that model, Parts Suppliers, Members Cars, Members restorations, ect.

I also want to show on Assorted Classics.Com, Auctions, Services, Events, News, and we will also have our own forum to help and listen to our members.

This can not be done without members participation, sharing their knowledge and experience. I am also quite happy for members to make their own groups for car makes or an interest, connected to Classic Cars. Groups can be private or public. Members can even make a group, with forum, for their own club, if they wish.

I am also happy to show  cars that look like they just came out of the factory, or classic cars that have being made into hot rods, and everything in between.